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  • Informative wick article

    Good info!

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    I read the arotcle!
    Oh what a work!

    But Im confused... did I read it right that the candle doesnt have to have a full meltpool right in the beginning. That the wax catches up eventuelly?

    This is what I see in my candles. The wax will catch up.

    Can anybody tell me what it means wenn she says: "How long does the flame stay up when its lit for the first time at the beginning of each burn? If more the wick capillary action is probably too strong"

    And how can I reach the fact that the flame reaches steadiness???



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      Interesting article and very in depth.

      I'm not sure I would test quite so many containers (20+) when narrowing the wick. Many times (for me) I have a rough idea of size and can amend/test maybe 4 or 5.

      There are many valid and important points raised and none more than the need to test and re-test where necessary. This is especially relevant where you give/sell your candles as they will be 'alight in people's homes'. I would add that to that, if any of the ingredients change (i.e. new batch of scent, wax, wicks) then you need to re-run a test sample to make sure that all is still OK. Many times materials will differ from supplier to supplier or just from batch to batch.

      Keep notes of everything - an early lesson I learned very quickly!!!! Enough said :-)

      Anita1 - I think the article is saying that deeper containers generate more heat when the wick is lower in the container. Because of this, the wax that may still be solid around the outer part will melt slowely into the meltpool. This is certainly so for tapered containers. However, I think that may only apply if there is not 'too thick' an outer shell. For more shallow containers (as the article says) of 2" or less the full meltpool is required and I rarely use a container of more than this height anyway.

      I'm not quite sure about the "flame staying up" principle - may have to re-read it a couple more times I think.

      Thanks CG for posting the link to the article, it's always good to find relevant info.



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        Hi David,

        I am testing the rapeseedwax right now with a straight jar 6 cm diameter and 8 cm high with a RRD 40 wick and Caribean coconut ( hmmmm ) This is going exactly like she said in the article I would say. Now I'm half down in the jar and almost no hangup left. The flame is getting smaller and I undestand that because there is more wax comming into the pool but thats okay. A bit mushrooming but am not so much bothered by that. The first time burning did not reach a full meltpool and left pretty much on the sides.

        I have gotten a candle from a forummember and this candle burned also that way. That was like a drinking glas also not tapered with soywac Excell.

        What can I conclude from that?
        That it dont have to be a full meltpool right away?

        I have remelted a lott of candles if the meltpool did not came to the sides in the first time burn but now i continued burning and the wax melted anyway so Im surprised it did.

        Are your jar-sides completely waxfree after burning.



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          As you are using a deeper container (8cm) I assume it gets hotter inside the container the deeper the wick burns down and so radiates wider melting the 'hang-up'. I would always definitely test burn every candle all the way although I like to leave 1/4" wax at the bottom of the container.

          I aim to have all the wax melt with a container candle (tapered or straight) and feel the sign of a good container candle is where the wax is fully used and the user has had maximum benefit - plus it is a lot easier to re-wick and re-fill.



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            Hi David,

            You only sell tins I saw no glass containers?

            May I ask what wick you use for the beeswax t light please?
            And btw did you get a change to re read the "flame staying up" principle?

            I have contacted the lady who wrote this articl...not sure wether she would answer though..

            I love your quote on/by Franciscus:
            All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle
            Saint Francis of Assisi Italian monk & saint (1181 - 1226)


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              Thank you.

              I do make a sell a number of glass jar candles but not online as the transit costs and possible breakages makes it very costly. A number of the larger containers and moulds I have I only sell locally especailly the moulds.

              The website is still fairly young and I am trying to balance what I sell online and what I sell locally. It's a long way from perfect but I'll get there!!!

              I'll double-check the wick for BW Tealights - I do remember having loads of trouble finding a decent wick for these and testing lots.

              Haven't read the article again (yet). It was submitted in August 2008 so the writer may not remember the content although I'm sure she'll be able to answer your queries.

              The quote on my website - it's one of my favourite quotes as it means different things to different people.