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    Is there anyone on here that makes soy candles? I usually use paraffin wax but am considering moving on to soy wax. I was wondering if anyone else uses it and what they thought, is it easier? Does it colour well? I was also wondering if it holds fragrances well and in particular essential oils?
    Any advice would be gratefully received
    Tracy x
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    Hi Tracy,

    I have dabbled with Eco soy but to be truthful found it a bit of a pain. It does have a lovely scent throw but it is a real bugger to work with. It doesn't work very well at all for pillar candles more suitable for tins. You need different wicks etc, also they don't have a long shelf life. I made some and within a month they had started to fade around the edges and went all powdery.

    By all means try it, it is a natural alternative to Parrafin I just didn't like working with it very much.

    Hope this is of some use.

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      i started with soy wax as i stumbled across it by accident after buying some melts, love the creamy ness of it but it bugs the life out of me with wet spots and frosting.

      recently trying parafin wax and am undecided between the 2


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        i prefer soy over parafin
        i find it holds the fragrance alot better. it is a pain with wet spots and frosting but i dont do plain designes and most of the time my candles & melts have whipped wax over them so you dont see it


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          my friend got handpoured soy candles from the USA they were great held their smell very well
          while i knit i think


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            Pros and cons to both...

            Paraffin - nice colours, nice mottling effects, cold pours etc to give different looks to pillars... And there's a lot more options with using silicone moulds for shapes...

            Soy - I LOVE the clean natural colour and the fact it's a more sustainable resource - doesn't hold colour as well and it can't be varied particularly well with different pour techniques (for pillars) and the pillar blend will kill off your silicone moulds eventually...

            Both will give you wet spots etc in jars - less surface dipping with soy than paraffin...

            Gotta be honest, a good blend of paraffin and stearine or container paraffin with the right wick will give a beautiful hot throw - as good as soy wax I think - and I tend to make a lot more soy than paraffin and use more soy in my own home...

            Personally I prefer soy - although I do have more fun with paraffin where pillars and colouring are concerned... Always make soy for myself though - except at Christmas etc when the nice festively coloured, mottled paraffin pillars get scattered about...

            AM x
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              I love working with soy, the only downside is it always give you a paler colour than with Paraffin


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                I've been working with soy wax for 4 years now but during this time I've had to source the right wicks and the right fragrances in order to obtain good scent throw and burn patterns.
                Not as easy as paraffin but well worth the effort and as I'm a bit of a greeny I appreciate the environmental aspect.
                One thing I do love, love, love about soy is how easy it is to clean up afterwards!!


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                  I ditto everything that has been said. I have been working with soy for the past 18 months and I must admit I love it.

                  It is a bit restrictive for a lot of the fancier candles as it is a softer wax. Paraffin is more versatile for those. It is harder to get the right FOs to throw in soy as not all are compatible but if you don't mind a bit of a challenge the results are very rewarding.

                  Like maremka I try to do my bit for the environment so for me soy is more of a personal choice.

                  Ruby xx

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