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  • I'm addicted

    I placed my second order two days ago for more wax and wick. I've made two candles for practice just using recycled glass jars that I saved (pasta sauce jars), they worked out fine but aren't pretty to look at, but I will certainly be using them!

    Then I bought some glasses with chunky bases from Homebase and made 3 candles out of those. Hubby was so impressed with them that he suggested making candles as Christmas gifts, so today we went out and bought more glasses

    After Christmas I think I'll start experimenting with fragrance oils, can anyone suggest a particular brand or type that is suitable for Ecosoya CB-135 wax?

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    Welcome to the addiction - this is where it all starts!!

    Soy can be a bit of a pain some hot and cold throw are fantastic some aren't. I find the spicy, cinnamoney ones work well in soy.

    Try Jo at Sensory Perfection she has a huge range and her service is great. If your not too sure just ask her she will be able to point you in the right direction.


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      ...good on you.. you'll have loads of fun now.

      Most FOs are OK for soy (UK & US) and sensory perfection, whicksnwhacks, and 4candles have good ranges.

      Getting all the ratios right (FO:Wax) can be a pain in the rear though but all part of the learning & enjoyment process. Ditto wicks (and still getting it wrong sometimes!).

      You'll have to post some pics if you get chance