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  • What do I need ?

    So my GF is up for making some candles...

    What do I need to get her to start.. ?


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    Best thing to do is get a candle making kit just do a search on google for candle making kits. The first one I used was from Full Moons Cauldron, it was good enough had everything you need but I don't like their scents.

    She will need to decide whether she wants to go the natural wax (soy) or paraffin wax. I would probably say paraffin wax to try out because soy can be a bit tricky and this might put her off making candles.

    Just make sure the kit has Paraffin wax (usually about 1kg), stearin or vybar, mould, wick, mould sealer (although I tend to use blutac for that), fragrance, dye, instruction booklet and the most important thing is a thermometer (this has to be a special thermometer for candles because of the high temperatures - I think they call it a candy thermometer in America). The one thing I will advise strongly is to keep an eye on the temperature as wax has a flash point and don't want a Kaboom in the kitchen.

    Just play around with the kit and see what comes out - you can always re-melt the candle and start again.

    Hope this helps. Anything else just give me a shout.

    All the best.


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