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Candles that look and smell like food.

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  • spagbog

    seems a few people got these letters.

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  • deedoo
    started a topic Candles that look and smell like food.

    Candles that look and smell like food.


    Do any of you candle makers make candles that look like food?

    I make soaps and other bath products and yesterday i had a letter from my local TS office stating the law on food imitation products.

    It stated:

    Under regulation 4 of the food imitations (safety) regulations 1989, No person shall supply, offer to supply, agree to supply, expose for supply or possess for supply any manufactured goods whitch are ordinarily intended for private use and are not food but which -

    a) have a form, odour, colour, appearance, packaging, labelling, volume or size which is likely to cause persons, in particular, children to confuse them with food and in consequence to place then in their mouths or suck them or swallow them; and

    b) where such action as is mentioned in a) above is taken in relation to them, may cause death or personal injury.

    On looking into this further i have found that this also covers candles and i have found the following article covering this: