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    Hi all,
    seems fairly quiet on here but just wondering how you all make your candles?

    I currently make beaded jewellery but looking to expand my empire (i wish) anyway just wondered how you all got started.

    sorry if there is any spelling mistakes have small baby in one hand and typing with th other.

    becky x - Handmade Beaded Jewellery and Gifts.

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    I started off with my daughter getting a candle making kit years ago for her Christmas. She badgered me for months to help her make the candles. I did and it went from there.

    What I would do if I were you would get a candle making kit which usually has about 1kg of wax, some stearin and vybar if your lucky, some wick, some scent, a mould and an instruction booklet.

    What you must get though is a thermometer that withstands high temperatures (you get them on candle suppliers lists) as other thermometers can't withstand the heat. Wax must always be melted in a double boiler and always, always, always use a themometer because wax has a flash point (where it will literally catch fire in the jug). The instruction booklet within the starter kit should tell you what kind of wax and flash point it has. You go from there.

    Hope this is what you need.

    All the best.

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      i went to candle party thought OMG i could feed an army on what they were charging for there candles and melts, searched ebay and bought a soy tart making kit, and went from there

      best advice i can give (and i only been doing this a while)

      double boiler
      digtal scales
      no kids or phones around whilst working
      good imagination
      the ability to think wow thats pants & try again
      endless amounts of money
      endless amounts of patience
      the ability to giggle when it doesn't go correct
      a good supply of people at the end of msn or email when your brain simply cant take any more

      think the last one is most important


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        I agree with the endless amounts of money, it's an expensive side line


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          i agree with tracey & lisa
          it's very expensive to get started up coz there's so many bits and pieces to buy
          then you have to work on bringing in the custom

          it has taken me 2 years to get a steady stream of customers but it's still not as popular as some of the other wonderful candle makers (like tracey) as i would like

          i have put many many hours and ££££ into my little hobby


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            have to agree with all the above comments. There is a lot of expense to start with and yes getting custom is often very hard. Even i'm finding that. Local craft fairs is a good place to try your wares, even local buy/sell groups on facebook. Many places to try for very little outlay and sometimes free (which is nice hehe). As bathtime has said, it does take a long time to get a steady stream of customers. Keep trying is my best advice. It all depends on what you want to do it as. A business or just a wonderful hobby. Either way, i echo previous comments, it is a wonderful hobby/craft to do.
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