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A 'Wickie' Question

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  • A 'Wickie' Question

    Just wanted to ask a general question about the 'dreaded' suject of wicks.

    I buy my candle wick pre-waxed (pre-bonded!!!) in different lengths and then crimp on a sustainer and away! I have found this a reasonable method for general consistency and assume this is all done by a huge machine that turns out a zillion an hour!

    The alternative is to dip and dry them manually which, to me, seems quite labour intensive and more expensive taking into consideration the price of the ones I buy.

    How do other forum members set up their wicks? Do you use dry wicks? Is ther another method?

    I have tried a number of different ways and personally narrowed it down.

    This is not meant as a request to try and get anybody to reveal 'trade' secrets but a general interest in other methods.

    Also, I have recently seen a change in the variation of burning quality of the candles I have been making. Each batch I make, I make a few extra and test burn them to ensure the whole batch is Ok. I made three duplicate batches in a row and they have all had different test results (too big a flame, too small, etc) and I am wondering if it is the type of wicks I use (hence the above). I know it could be a things that affect it even possibly the hot weather!!!

    Hope this makes sense


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    Hi Oddsox,

    I wax my own wicks except for tealights and votives. I prefer to do this as you say consistency varies from batch to batch in the pre waxed kind. When I am making up a batch of candles I cut the wicks to length and throw them in the pot with the melting wax for the candles, take them out when coated and tab them it doesn't take very long and you are sure of how they will burn.



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      Thanks Lisa, I think I’ll start to do the same as I think my problem lies in the wicks. At least if they are wrong its down to me!

      I'll start with the tealights as well as they have been providing the main problems to date.

      Thaks again.