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Soy CB135 or Soy Advanced Blend ??????????

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  • Soy CB135 or Soy Advanced Blend ??????????

    Hi there
    This is my first time on the Forum I have been making candles for 4 months now and still having problems. Can any of you experienced candle makers tell me which is the best wax to use.

    I want to make container candles measuring 3 inches in height by 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch in diameter. I have been using soy advanced about 110grams with 8/9% F.o. I have tried wicks LX14 which tunelled, LX16 which have been hit or miss. LX18 which burnt too fast mushroomed but did produce a large wax pool. Do you think RRD37 wick might be worth a try?or suggest another type.

    Also I am thinking of switching to Soy CB135 as I have read on here it has a better scent throw. What wicks would you recommend to try here.

    Also I melt wax up to 170 roughly add F.o. and cool to 120 then pour. Not to much trouble with wet spots in fact they dont bother me as much as scent and burn. The LX16 can burn great at one four hour interval and then the next seems to have a very little wax pool and therfore not much scent throw.

    Any help advice will be greatly received.