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Using Paraffin Wax in a Silicone Mould

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  • Using Paraffin Wax in a Silicone Mould

    I know you're not supposed to do this - but can you get away with a few times?

    Or does the mould disintegrate when you use the paraffin wax?

    It's just I've got a load of paraffin wax with stearin in (which attacks the silicone) and want to know if I can 'chance it' a few times, or whether that is craziness.

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    Hi. You can use paraffin wax and stearin in silicone rubber moulds. It just stearin that you shouldn't use in latex rubber moulds because it will eat away at the latex after a while (although it will take some time).


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      Hello JP, Im not a paraffin wax user but assume as stearin is an acid, it will 'attack' the rubber (silicone and latex) progressively. I asume the larger the mold and the more wax used to fill it (leading to longer setting times) the more probability of the mold being affected.

      Maybe you could use some metal or plastic molds to use up the wax. I recently went down to B&Q, bought a length of plumbing waste piping, used my mitre saw to cut it square in sections and fitted some flat plastic discs laying about to one end (with a drilled hole for the wick). Result - about 12-15 different height pillar molds for less than a fiver. They clean up very easy and have a very smooth internal surface for a good candle result and ease of removal.

      Just an idea.