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    I currently use stearin when making parrafin pillars, but recently with some new fragrance oils the scent throw hasnt been very good, i always add 10% stearin and 6% FO.
    If i used vybar instead with these new FO's would that solve the problem.

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    With 10% stearin and 6% good fragrance oil there should be a reasonable smell if you stirred enough and mixed the scent with the wax. Adding vybar probably wouldn't do much for the scent as it has similar effects as stearing and adding too much can make the scent problem harder.

    You are probably looking at testing different combinations of your scent and wax and additives to get the mix that works right for you.

    With 10% stearin in unblended paraffin I would probably add 8% scent. Also, I might try a mix of 5% stearin and 1% vybar again with 8% scent. It is a matter of taste but never go above 10% scent in any combination that you do. 8% is a pretty good marker to start off with and check your mix and pouring technique as adding scent too late might mean it won't mix well with the wax and adding too hot could burn off a lot before you cool the candle.

    It's all about trial and error and keeping records of it all to see what you like. Some scents need different mixes from others and test test test.
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