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    I have used many molds, but i have 2 yellow rubber ones, they are the only ones i seem to have a problem with, I'm presuming its what they are made of but the finished product often has a dusted effect and nothing at all like other silicone i have used, anyone else suffered the same sort of effects with yellow molds??
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    I haven't had too much experience with rubber moulds but I was given two a while ago. They are made of yellow rubber (British Rail yellow!!) and have been used a few times looking rather 'tired'.

    I tried and tried with them but all the candles I made turned out useless when taken out the mould - and that's when I could get them out the mould! At times they wouldn't even come out! They were poor quality with a dry and blotchy surface.

    In making them I tried everything I could - silicone spray, warming up the mould before pouring, different pouring temps, no colour, no fragrance, pouring at different angles...... nothing seemed to work.

    The moulds were old and through a process of deduction I assumed it was the mould affecting the candle. I'm sure rubber has a certain 'shelf' life whereafter it starts to deteriorate. It certainly started to show small 'cracks' when really dry and felt a lot more brittle than 'fresh' rubber - it didn't go back into shape as fast as a newer mould.

    In the end they went in the bin!

    I don't know if your moulds are new or not but offer my expriences as a possible cause - if any help.



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      Thanks for that, the molds have been new when i bought them but like yours the product looks dry, they just dont look nice, i cant understand it, dont think i'll buy any more yellow molds.
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        I use rubber and silicone moulds and whilst they aren't as smooth as metal, glass of plastic they are okay. Did you use silicone spray on the rubber mould (never use on silicone moulds as the silicone will stick to the silicone) if you haven't used spray you will have the very devil of a job getting the candles out of the mould. Also don't use stearin in rubber moulds as this attacks the rubber.


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