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  • Eco Packaging!

    I have been asked to make a few packs of tealights and votive candles for a friend (yes - first ever request to make some !!) and wanted to package them up using some sort of recycleable and degradeable box.

    I use soy wax and essential oils and thought that using the plastic type flat pack boxes you can buy would defeat the objective of what I am trying to create - if that makes sense.

    Are there any paper based packing boxes/cartons suitable for tealights & votives similar to the flat pack (fold up) PVC ones that anybody may know of ??? Alternatively, are there any templates for making your own? Maybe there is a forum member that can create a new line!!

    For those members who sell their wares - do you use the plastic style boxes or any another types? Don't get me wrong I am not knocking the plastic packaging and even have a few here - very simple, effective and easy to use.

    Any ideas out there would be appreciated.



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    I searched for quite a while online for templates to make boxes - and unfortunately almost of all of the ones I found are either

    a) Expensive because you have to buy odd shaped pieces of card (longer than A5)

    b)Peculiar shapes!

    I think packaging is pretty expensive generally, although it could be a lot of fun.

    Good luck, I'll follow this thread with interest.


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      I use The Favour Store for boxes for soaps and bathmelts (and add tissue) - bathmelts have a lower melting point than candles so there'd be no marking of the box - depends how many candles you want to put in a box.

      The two piece boxes with lids are also flatpack.

      It's worth registering for trade prices as you don't have to place a large order (when you see the trade prices you'll realise that it's pointless making your own).

      Terry Andrews (Bag'n'Box Man) has a wide range of cartons in recycled board.
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        They might not be the right shapes for you, but has a good range of recycled stuff. They were on Dragons Den a while back.


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          Just seconding Tiny Box company - I source a lot of my packing from there.... feels like trying to do the right thing.




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            Thanks everyone so far - the suggestions are great. I have looked at the 'Tiny Box Company' and the small boxes they do are priced right although not exactly to size - I'll maybe order a few and see what a bit of tissue (thanks ElaineJ) looks like around the edges. The Bag'n'Box man has a good range as well - I might ask them if they have thought about making a seperate range! If enough people are interested they might consider developing one?

            Once again BIG thanks - so far!!