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Guttering in Soy Votives

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  • Guttering in Soy Votives

    Hi all,
    am new to candle making and have been experiencing some problems with my soy wax votives.
    I have been using Eco soy PB and essential oils as fragrance. Some of them seem to burn nice and steadily but a couple of them start out fine then after about 1hr one of the walls seems to open up and the wax starts to spill out. I have been using wicks from Full Moons designed for votives and was wondering what the general opinion was on the problem . Is it the wick or the essential oils. What seems strange is that some are better than others. Also what effect does the pour temparature have on the finished candle. I think I may have been pouring too hot.

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    When you say the wax spills out am I assuming that you are trying to burn them as freestanding pillars.

    Votives should be burned in a close fitting glass container because they are meant to liquify. If you are trying to burn them as mini pillars you are heading for disaster.

    A votive is about 2" in diameter, can I ask what sized wick you are using. I make votives from Ecosoya PB and I use eith LX16 or LX 18 depending on the fragrance used. I pour at about 75C, then I do a repour at about 80C.
    Ruby xx

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      Hi Ruby
      Thanks for your reply
      I am of course burning the votives in glass votive holders. I am usind ecosoya Pillar blend. What I mean is that after only about 1 - 2 hours burn the side of the candle will open and wax will spill out. This then seems to initiate a much more rapid burning. Sometimes However the candle will burn nicely and last for days of relighting. I notice you say you use a different wick for different fragrance. I only use essentiasl oils , but how does the fragrance used effect the burn?. The wicks I was using were from Full Moons number 6 recommended for votives. I have now ordered some new ones from 4 candles. Am hoping this might help.


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        You say you are burning your votives in holders however as Ruby says are this tight fitting holders. This makes a world of difference. Votives are designed to totally liquify in the glass, if the votive fits really snuggly into the holder when the candle does have a blow out (as soy I'm afraid is very prone to do as it is a very brittle wax) the wax will stay at a higher level (if this makes any sense!!) therefore giving a more even burn than a looser holder where the wax will all pool at the bottom causing the candle to flame as the wax that it was melting has all run to the bottom and isn't getting consumed by the wick.

        Regarding your question of how Essential Oils or Fragrance oils can affect the wick. Each oil as it's own density and they vary vastly this means you need to add more of one fragrance and less of another. This will affect your wick as you may need to wick down a size or up a size dependent on the oil to get an even burn.


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          Thanks Lisa,
          The votive glasses I was using were not that snug. I have been retesting with a snugger fit and they are now behaving! Useful info on the oils, thanks again