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Another beginners question I'm afraid

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  • Another beginners question I'm afraid


    I'm sorry to ask another beginner's question, I notice lots of questions and suggestions for kits, having glanced through the forum, but I'm afraid I'm going to ask anyway...............

    I rally love the eyewateringly expensive candles in glasses. I was recntly in SpaceNK and saw a beautiful rose scented gel candle with a wooden wick that I loved but left....but th type I usually buy...or no longer buy...are plain, scnted candles in glasses and its these I'd like to make. I'm happy to continue buying other types of candles from other people, but I can't justify the price of the glass ones I burn just for my pleasure ATM, so thought I'd try making them.

    I note from other posts that parafin is rcommended over soy due to ease of working with, but which throws the best scent?

    (I'd rather fiddle and find it hard from the beginning to get a good result, and I'll rope in help if I am really struggling. )

    Are there kits which you can choose which scents you receive and are specially focused on scented candles rather than an assortment or random selection?

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    To be honest I've never really been a fan of buying kits. I've bought a few in the past and could've gotten the items much cheaper myself!

    As for making glass candles - paraffin container wax I think is your best bet. You can buy that seperately yourself, get the dye and choose the scent you want yourself too!

    As for soy vs paraffin, I've never used soy, but I think that scents actually throw better in paraffin. Either way, if you have the scent quantity right, you can have it throwing well in either.

    Hope that helps!
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