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Fragrance Oil Dilemma!

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  • Fragrance Oil Dilemma!

    I am endeavouring to make small soy wax candles (at the moment) and am having some difficuly in getting my head around how much oil to wax I use!! This may be just me of course!!

    I know that soy wax can hold up to 8-10% oils - so 100g wax can have up to 10g oil I assume. Do you weigh the oil (I have digital scales so can do this) in grams and add or is there a mls equivalent? I know that trying to compare liquids with solids can be a minefiled as it involves density and some liquids are heavier than others.I assume some oils are heavier than others too!!

    I buy oils in 15 mls and 30 mls containers and there tends to be a 1:1 ratio against weight (allowing for the holder). So 15mls could be used in 150 grams of wax? The oils I have seem strong and using the whole of one small container seems a lot?

    Any comments, help or experiences would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Hi Oddsox

    I've always weighed my oils. I make soy candles and I use a 8% ratio.
    Some people measure their oils in mls but the preffered (sp) method is by weight.

    Ruby xx

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      Thanks Ruby, I'll try weighing at 8% and work from there. It's a case of 'trial and error' as with wicks!!!

      BTW do you find variations in the quality of oils from different places that sell them? Is it me or ar some stronger than others! Do some fragrances need more or less amounts added than others? I have some citronella which has a very powerful aroma and I a wary of going over the top with the amount whereas the chamomile I have is the opposite - a subtle aroma even in its neat form.

      Thanks and back to the boiler!!