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please help, advice needed

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  • please help, advice needed

    hi everyone,
    I am new to the whole world of crafts (sort of)and i decided that i would like to start making candles and really wanted to make people candles as pressies for families at xmas. i dont expect to do anything major but i would still like some advice from those of you that are already pros in this field. i made my first proper candle the other day and i was very happy with how it turned, although when i came to burn it it did so for all of about a min. i was morntified, i dont know where i went so wrong. although i know that i can melt it down and start again its not the point. i also know that you cant get every thing right first time round and i am willing and know that i will make mistakes.
    I would really appreciate any help or advice that you can give me.
    I have look at some of your creations and was truley amazed, i hope that one day i will be able to make things like you all.

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    Hi Em,

    By the sounds of it your wick was too small for the size of candle and the wax was drowing out the flame. What kind of wax are you using, what size wick did you use and what is the diameter of the candle. I can give you a rough guide to what wick size you need.



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      Hi, just thought I would welcome you to the forum.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        from me too, xxx

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