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    Hi all , some time ago I brought my wife a gallon of Molton browne hand cream ... ( yes I know a gallon is large) anyway for whatever reason the cream has seperated... rather than just throw it away ... could this be used in making perfumed candles and if so how would I use it and in what quantities ? as it still holds its unique fragrance.

    Also when I was at college many years ago we used a pewter? mould of a horse that we casted wax into .... where could one get such a mold these days.... it was a horse on a rock ....

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    I doubt you would be able to use the oil for making candles as the oil has been made for hand cream and not specifically for use in candles. Oils made for candles have a very high flash point which means when a wick is lite the wick alone will burn and not the whole candle. Other oils have a much lower flash point i.e. hand cream as these are not designed to come in contact with a naked flame. If you use the hand cream oil your candle could end up turning into a flame thrower I'm afraid.

    Don't know where you would get a mould like the one you are after however they can make moulds out of silicone from pretty much anything.


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