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  • Gel wax fragrances

    I wondering if anyone can help me

    I sell fragrance oils on ebay for soap and candle making, and i've just received a question asking if they are suitable for gel wax. I just make soaps although i have made a few candles so i'm not very clued up on that side of things. I've emailed my supplier but they didnt really answer my question, and i cant find anything to say that they wouldnt ok. The lady has done some research, as she said that they have to be nonpolar. That goes straight over the top of my head. I havent got a clue what that means, but when people ask me questions i like to help as much as i can which is why i've came here

    does anyone make gel candles on here? if an oil says its suitable for candles will that be ok?

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    I don't make gel candles myself but I do know that for a candle fragrance oil to be gel safe it has to have a high flash point.

    Get in touch with Jo at Sensory Perfection and ask her as she sells gel safe waxes.



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      may have the solution

      You may want to contact someone at They deal primarilly with wax fragrances so i'm sure they would be able to give you a clear answer.
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        i will do, thank you