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i cant wait but noone is interested,lol.

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  • i cant wait but noone is interested,lol.

    Sometimes it isnt always practical for me to be sewing all the time, and i have made friends with a lady in the same block of flats. We got talking about hobbies/crafting and she understands that it is difficult in the daytime to craft when you have littlies. well she got talking to me about when she was younger about candlemaking. i have always been interested, and thought that i would need loads of expensive equipment, but she has helped me and told me all about it, and she is going to show me what to do using recycled candles and those wax beads (?) lol, i cant wait, but no-one apart from that lady is interested,lol, and i have to tell somebody ive been reading all the things/posts on here and i can't see the point in me buying a book on it because most of the info to get me started is on here, though i am not intending on stealing anyones creations, the whole point is that i want to create my own. i just wanted to vent that i cant wait to get stuck in, and up until this point, hadnt realised how useful this place, (the forum), is. This thread will probably get deleted, but anyhow, when ive made them, i hope someone can help me on here, on how i can attach a pic of them? or post a pic in a particular place on here?

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    Good Luck with your new venture, Wisdom & experience are great gifts to have, especially when they live so close to you!


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      Any advice you need just ask!


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        Good luck to you. Look forward to seeing piccies of the results of your efforts.
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          Oh its so exiting when you take up something new. Your so full of zeal eh? let us see what you create soon. xxx

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            Why on earth should this thread get deleted? You didn't break any rules, just said how you felt - no problem!


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              Hi, good luck and have fun
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                I know what it is like with no-one else interested, my sisters and mum aren't interested in beads and get bored really easily.
                I have a couple of friends I have met locally that sell jewellery but I don't meet them often, and being virtually deaf I don't get a chance to meet others so the forums are a lifeline to me.
                Im sure you will enjoy making candles. I remember making candles at school once it was great fun.



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                  Good luck with your new venture... it's always useful having someone on hand who is full of knowledge when you're just starting out, and when they live so close it's even better. Let us know how you get on.



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                    let us see what you make wont you. cos we is all nosy
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