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Easy Steps To Make Gel Candle

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  • Easy Steps To Make Gel Candle

    To get started, you will need a small group of easily obtainable materials. These materials include gel, zinc wicks, fragrance oils, and dye. Some of these materials are optional. The oils are only required if you choose to make scented candles. You do not need any dyes unless you wish to add color to your candles. The last and most important material is the container.

    The container is a very important part of the candle. Your choice of container will greatly affect the appearance of your finished product.

    Many people use common wine glasses and other fancy glass containers. Although glass will give you the best results, you may also use any other container that is non flammable. Keep in mind the theme that you choose while selecting your container because a thin tall glass has much different effect than a short wide one.

    Another important step in personalization is imbeds. If you choose to use them, they will help the theme get noticed. There are a wide variety of non flammable items you can use as imbeds. Some popular ones are marbles, seashells, coins, glitter, and decorative rocks and stones. You may use whatever comes to your mind as long as it is inflammable.

    Now comes the best part, making the candle. The first thing you will need to do is use a hot glue gun to stick the wick to the center of the holder you have selected. Before doing so, you should mark the center with a dark color. For best results, hold it down firmly until the glue has dried. Remember to leave the wick long enough to reach the outside of the holder. Keep in mind that if it is too long you can always trim it but if it is too short, you can add length. Next cut the gel into small strips and melt it in a double boiler at two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure your thermometer is accurate because overheating can cause a loss in the attractive glossy color and under heating it will not allow the gel to set properly.

    Now comes a time to perfect your candle with optional decorations color, and fragrance. First, you should add color in it. When adding color, make sure you add it slowly because the color shows much more intense in the gel. If you are planning to imbed objects in the gel, make sure you keep the color very light otherwise they will not be seen. After adding the color, the fragrance should be added. A good amount is around one third of a teaspoon for every cup of gel.

    Removing bubbles and embedding
    Now you should add the finishing touches to your candle. An important thing is eliminating bubbles. If you wish to eliminate bubbles, simply place the gel in the microwave for about one minute. Immediately after this, start dipping the imbeds in hot gel and putting them on the inside of your final holder. Arrange them as you desire. The reason you should dip them in hot gel is so they stick to the holder. Next hang the wick over the top of your holder and pour in the gel. It is crucial to make sure the gel is hot when you pour it in because if you allow it to cool before this, you will end up with clumps in the gel. Now wait for the gel to cool. After it has cooled trim the wick to the length needed.

    Now all you need to do is enjoy the wonderful candle you have created. It is a pleasure to make your own dream candles for personal use, gifts, or selling.

    * Article Author: Dipak Patel
    * Article Source: MOD EDIT - non crafts related
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