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  • Thinking about making candles

    Hi there,
    Have been looking at all the lovely crafts featured in the forum as I can't seem to get interested anymore in my sewing, and I keep getting drawn back to the candle making section. Possibly has something to do with paying through the nose yet again for a scented candle only to find it's lost its scent after a few burnings & has a deep hole in the middle with loads of unmelted wax round the outside - what a disappointment! I can still smell roast chicken in the kitchen from yesterday when I should be breathing in the scent of English roses!!

    So I thought I might have a go at making some myself - I've read loads of posts & visited loads of candle sites & the advice is to use a kit to start. Trouble is I want to use the US fragrance oils as apparently they're the best but can't find a kit which uses them.

    The only kits I've seen in craft shops seem to be aimed at children using bright colours etc, & they're not what I want - am I being too picky?!

    Can anyone recommend a really good kit aimed at adults or a good book which will show me what to do without using a kit? I'm dying to order some stuff especially the lovely sounding fragrances from Sensory Perfection & can't wait to get 'cooking'!



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    check out and they both have kits and books/booklets. It may be best to buy a kit first have a go then buy into the full theme.

    Good Luck


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      Hi Sharon,

      There are a few places you could try online for the kit.

      Candelights Keith is great and really helpful.

      Full Moons Cauldron

      Sensory Perfection - I don't see kits on her site but she did do them.

      I know that Keith from Candelights and Jo from Sensory Perfection both get scents from UK and US suppliers so there's no problem there. I think Full Moons are all UK suppliers.

      Candelights and Sensory Perfection are probably your best bet as their kits are great and they both have an enormous amount of scents to choose from.

      I still get scents from both of them but get a lot shipped in from the US but that is only because I need to use huge amounts now and it justifies the US shipping.



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        making candles

        Thanks everyone for the info - can almost smell the lovely scents on these sites!

        I've looked at Candlelights kits & fallen at the first hurdle!!!

        What's the difference between parafin & soy wax? Which one would be best to work with?

        Hope you can help

        Cheers Sharon


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          Hi Sharon,

          Paraffin wax is a by product of petrolium - soy wax is made from soya.
          I would use paraffin wax to start off with as it is easier to work with - soy can be a real swine to wick, getting a good scent throw etc could be a bit tricky for someone starting out.

          I use them both and they both have their good points and bad points but would advise Paraffin for a first time.

          I would go for a votive kit to start off with.



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            wow I so love candles and would love to have the patience and skill to make them but I know I don't.

            Good luck with it all, hope it works well for you
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              making first candle

              Thanks for the info re wax Lisa, I will stick to parafin.

              I have found your article on making your first candle from early 2007 & have saved it to favourites - no doubt I'll be referring to it over & over again, iyou can't beat instructions with pics to keep you on the straight & narrow!

              Also couldn't find a suitable book on the net - well, plenty of books but you can't open the pages & have a look inside like you can in a shop & I don't want to spend a fortune & be disappointed when it arrives. So a trip to the library has hopefully sorted this out - no books on the shelves but our librarians are so pleasant & helpful they've reserved a book called something like 'The Ultimate Guide to Making Candles from A to Z' - can't wait for it to arrive

              Have just been to the Garden Centre to buy some plants & have come away with a Yankee Candle - why am I buying when I will have my own soon?????

              Thanks for everyones help



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                Its amazing, another one here who will still buy the odd candle or two despite making my own. Just call it a wax addiction.
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                  I started not so long ago and decided to use only soy wax and am glad I did. I get the feeling that paraffin is easier to work with and I certianly have probems with pillar candles at the mo but wouldn't change.

                  I have used sensory perfection, 4candles and whicksnwhacks so far for US fragragnces and they all have at least a reasonable selection and reasonably priced (and starter kits although it sounds like i'm a bit late for that).

                  Anyway go for it and have loads of fun. If it's anything like me - everything I look at is either a potential candle mold or candle holder.