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A chance for a candle maker from Manchester?

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  • A chance for a candle maker from Manchester?

    Hi everyone. I'm totally new to this corner of the forum - I'm usually lurking around the jewellery/beads corners.

    I have been asked to have a jewellery stall at a ladies' xmas evening in a pub. Basically, the landlord gets half a dozen people in selling different wares and the ladies come and spend their money buying xmas goodies either for themselves or for pressies. A percentage of the takings goes to charity - in this case its Bury Hospice. I'm not sure exactly what percentage but in events like these its usually not too much. I have spoken to the lady that will be selling cards and she did the event last year and did quite well, saying that the turnout was good and people came to buy and not just to look.

    Anyway, the landlord asked me to get a few other people in so I suggested "hand made candles and stuff like that" and he seemed to like the idea.

    He only needs one person so I'm afraid its first come, first served as I have permission to give out his phone number so that you can contact him direct but he doesn't want 20 disappointed phone callers once he's got someone to do it.

    The night in question is almost definitely Thursday 13th November so if you're free that night and you're local to Bury, Manchester and you fancy giving it a shot then PM me and I'll give you the number so you can speak to the landlord personally.

    PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT MY EVENT - Its just one I am attending and I said I'd try to get a few others to attend.

    As I said before - there's only one spot available so once someone has PM'd me then I will post again to say so.

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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