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Help needed with Pillar candles

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  • Help needed with Pillar candles

    Can anyone help?
    I recently made several pillar candles using soya pillar blend. I added dye & 8% fragrance oil. The pillars are 80mm tall x 80mm diameter. I have had reports back that 2 of these have just melted into a pool of wax in around 2 1/2hrs. It seems they cracked down the side first then just litterally collapsed. I used a wedo eco 16 wick.
    Any help / advise / or sugestions as to why this happened would be grately appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    it sounds like your wick is to big
    try a smaller size


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      I did use a smaller wick & also tried 3 wicks but could not get a satisfactory shell width with either of these when I test burned. I have tested another tonight with the 16 wick & it is burning well. 5mm shell all round & burning at just under 6g per hour. I am at a loss as to why some collapse & others dont. I am using the same ratio of dye & fragrance to wax with all of them?
      Thanks for the suggestion though. Your reply was appreciated.


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        hi dorothy

        did you fill/top the candle up before you flattened it?? If you haven't filed the hole in the bottom of the candle, it could mean that there was a large hole in the middle of the candle making it hollow and causing it to collapse.

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          Hi Vicky.
          Thanks for the reply. Yes I did. I had thought about that also...perhaps an air bubble, but it took the full 350g wax, so I don't think that can be it?
          It really is a mystery to
          I am doing a test burn on one as we speak.
          I am now wondering if the 2 people in qusetion tried to burn the pillar for too long? Also I will have to ask if they pushed the shell / edges in while the wax was warm after putting it out? I always do that with pillars.
          Just don't know.



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            An Eco 16 wouldn't be my first choice for a soy pillar candle just over 3" in diameter... I've never gone above a 12 and found that smoky... The smaller eco wicks are excellent... I personally prefer LX or square braid for the larger diameters...

            The splitting can be a side effect of soy pillar wax - especially if it becomes too chilled... You can try adding in a little amount of soy container wax to make it less brittle...

            You mention pushing the wax inwards after extinguishing the candle? That's 'hugging' with paraffin wax and can't be done in soy... Either the shell is thick or it's thin and will just flake inwards leaving a jagged edge rather than self consuming the way that paraffin does...

            Do a full burn from top to bottom... It could be that they are being over burned once the burn diameter has dropped down within the shell... You'll just get a blowout or crack then...

            You're aiming for a deep V type shape with the burning wick at the bottom of the V and the shell getting thinner and thinner as it nears the top... Very different burning properties to paraffin which will tend to roll in on itself just shrinking in height...

            It'll also depend on which fragrance oils you're using - you'll need to test them all as you might need to wick up or down using different ones which might be heavier or lighter than others... I normally add FO at around 8%...

            HTH x
            The Soap Cellar