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Candles in metal containers

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  • Candles in metal containers


    Just wondering if anyone made container candles in metal tins, or (what I'm hoping to do) mini metal buckets.

    I made a test candle and burnt it to see how hot the container got, I could pick it up and carry it for a little while after a couple of hours burn time because it wasn't tremendously hot.

    Hubby is totally against the idea because he thinks that the tin will get too hot and someone will end up splashing wax all over themselves when they drop it because they are not expecting it to be hot!!!!

    Just wondering if anyone had any experiences/advice over candles in metal tins. Ta!

    I use parrafin wax, if that helps!

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    No idea really, but I'm sure you would have to put a big warning on the label about it.
    Trading standards may be able to help.



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      I've been making candle in metal containers for a couple of years now
      Most people will know (well i hope they do) that metal gets hot
      Just ensure that you give your cusomers safety information & correct usage of the candle


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        I have one from Crabtree that just has a warning sticker on the underside.


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          Always, always put warning labels on any candle you make. You always get some idiot out there that forgets that it is a naked flame and will get hot or set fire to anything flapping nearby.

          Just think of when you're in McDs or Burger King and they put warning signs on the coffee. As long as you give customers ample instructions the rest is up to them. I could tell you horror stories from some of my customers before I educated them in the ways of 'responsible candle burning'.
          Ruby xx

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            Thanks for your help guys!