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  • Wooden Wicks

    Hi All
    I was wondering if anyone could help me with my quest?
    I am interested in using wooden wicks in my candle making and am unable to locate a UK supplier.
    I understand they they have to be 'treated' or there could be problems with lighting and re-lighting but cant seem to find anyone who sells this type.
    I have looked at USA sites and the favoured make is Le Wicket so does anyone know of a UK supplier or that may have knowledge of these wicks?

    many thanks

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    Hi Marianne

    Ah, wooden wicks. I've only seen them in the US, too. They're a recent new fad in the States. I've never used them myself and to be honest I don't know of anyone here who has

    I don't think you're going to find a UK supplier for wooden wicks. I'm afraid that when it comes to candle making supplies, the UK is very lacking compared with the US.

    There are only a handful of UK candle making suppliers and they import their supplies from the US. Many of us end up purchasing directly with US suppliers for certain lines.

    If you haven't already done so maybe you should take a look at one of the US candle making forums. There are a couple of good ones, you may find your answer there.

    Hope that helps.

    Ruby x
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      The only wooden wicks that I have used aren't really wicks but the big sticks to make garden torches out of and I have only made a couple of them myself.

      The US is far far more advanced than us when it comes to supplies and it might be the case that if you really want to use wooden wicks that you need to get them imported - shop around though because you can get quite good deals on postage from the US - just watch out for customs - they will charge you for any goods totalling more than £18.




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        Wooden Wicks

        Thank you both for your replies and it seems I will just have to keep looking out for a supplier.
        I'm hoping someone will import them before long as they would be great for Christmas fireplace candles!