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  • FO supplier help

    Hi Ladies and Gents,
    I was hoping that someone could recommend a good supplier for APPLE AND STRAWBERRY fragrance oils. I am looking for oils that work well with soy wax. I currently use Sensory Perfection & 4candlle and i have tried a few odd ones from ebay. All scents that i have had work great with paraffin but im not getting a great throw with soy, and I have put my quantity up to 10%, 50g to 500g of wax. I was thinking that FO don't work as well with soy, could this be correct? Or am I doing something wrong. I have left my candles to cure for the recommended time, 48 hours, but still having no lucky with my hot throw. When they come out the mould they smell great but thats it. Any suggests are welcome.
    Thanks for reading

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    Me again when i looked into trying soy wax my understanding was that you got a better scent throw with soy, can anyone confirm this? Or have i been reading rubbish. Hope not cos i just bought 10k of the stuff.
    Thanks again


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      It'll depend which soy wax you are using to be honest...

      Some have a much better scent throw (in my view) than others... Different chandlers will also have different ideas on which they consider the best wax for the

      Once they've cured - try lighting your candle and parking it somewhere you're not actually near yourself (using all safety precautions obviously) and then after it's been burning for a while you can wander into the room and get a better idea of the throw than if you've been near it...

      I tend to light one up in the lounge and leave it to hubby's tender mercies whilst I go spend a few hours on catching up on pc work or something and then when I go into the lounge I get a much better idea of the throw...

      HTH Mandy x
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        You will definitely need more FO for Soy than you do for parrafin however again it is down to the individual FO you are using some will give a fantastic throw in Soy and others don't - it's pretty much down to testing to find out which ones work best. I tend to find the heavier darker FO's give a better scent throw in Soy but this can't be guaranteed I'm afraid.

        Agree with Ann Marie all down to the Soy you are using, there are so many different blends it can be quite hard to keep up.

        Hope that's of some help.

        Good luck.



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          Hi Mandy

          Soy is very fickle when it comes to fragrance oils. As AM said it does depend on the soy wax you use and also the oils.

          One thing that most newbies forget is that soy candles need to cure longer than paraffin. A paraffin candle is ready to burn after about 48 hours. Soy needs about a week. In fact, the longer you can leave it the better.

          I think it's something to do with the way the molecules in soy bind with the fragrance. It just takes longer. Well worth the wait, though

          Ruby x
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            The other thing is are you using either vybar or stearing in your soy they both help with the throw. Depending on which make of moulds your using depends on which additive you use



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              If you're making soy pillars in metal moulds you won't need to add stearin... Not much good using straight soy pillar in any rubber mould as you'll kill it very quickly...

              You might find vybar handy to toughen up soy container wax to make it more suitable for votives but I'd not think it necessary to add it to regular soy container candles... It'll harden the wax up and I don't think that's going to be helpful in getting good adherence to the containers...

              Don't add more than 3% vybar or it will bind the scent into the wax too much and can completely kill scent throw... When I've tried various additives I've found vybar will also increase any frosting which can be common with soy...

              If you blend your soy wax with paraffin then it's a bit of a different ball game - but straight soy on its own (unless you really want to tweak a bit for votives) shouldn't really need anything added to it... The exception being USA (universal soy additive - the vybar equivalent for soy wax) which can be helpful with firming up and evening out the surface... I've personally not found it to be particularly wonderful with the readily available soy waxes in this country though...

              HTH x
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                Hi All,
                Thank you all for your help. I am not going to get much chance to do any candles in the next few days as im back to work, 12hr shifts on night shift, ouch:-( so I will get back to you all next week and let you know how I get on. I have 1 candles that I have made that can sit and cure for a week so we will see how that goes. Again thank you all for your help and time.