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    Need your advise my lovely

    I'm doing my 1st crafy fair next month & i'm just starting to prepare my list of what i'm going to make

    what do u think of the following

    i will be making 8 different varieties of wax melts .... 5 sets of each + some loose for display
    I'm also doing single wax melts in about 6-7 different fragrances ... i'm going to do 10 of each + some for diplay
    to the quantities sound ok? to little? to many?

    also i want to take some of my large fancy candles, votives & other container candles but i dont know if i should take a couple of each scent or do approx 10 of each but in different scents

    what do u suggest please

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    It is always so hard to figure out what to take but what I have found is the more choice you give people the less likely they are to make up there minds and end up walking away.

    I think your amounts of melts sounds fine - don't put all five sets of each out at the one time put one of each of the eight and as they sell replace them with a new one (this always looks good for people on looking!!).

    For your other candles I would probably only do a couple of each scent because to be honest I used to worry if I had enough stock - I always have so you end up lugging tons of candles to the fair to lug tons back again. How many scents are you going to use for your other candles?

    I hope that's of some use - if you can think of anything else just ask.


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      Good sound advise from Lisa as usual .

      I would also take an order book as you could always take any orders for items that have sold out. You never know you might have a run on a particular fragrance or container candle.

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        the plan for the wax melts is gift bag the melts ready & i will make some extra for diplay so that the customer can pick them up & smell them

        for the candles i might just do 3-4 different scent ... different to all the wax melts

        i'm planning to take order forms with me just incase any-one wants to order