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  • Sand Candles

    There are two types of sand candles. One type uses sand to shape a candle, but there is no sand on the completed candle. The other type of sand candle actually incorporates the sand into the finished candle as a shell.

    These instructions for Sandy Sand Candles will show you how to make the second type of sand candle, which results in a candle inside a sand shell. This process involves super-heating wax, which requires caution and dedicated attention. The added effort will be worth it, when you light up your own unique sand candles to enjoy!

    How to Set Up Your Work Area
    • <LI class=MsoNormal>Put down newspaper or butcher paper on tables and countertops to catch spills and for easy cleanup.<LI class=MsoNormal>Have paper towels and Windex on hand for cleaning stovetops.
    • Wrap stove burner bowls in tin foil to catch drips of wax, and for easy cleanup afterwards.
    Create Form for Sand Candle

    You can use any shape you like as the form for your sand candle: shells, bowls, candle holders, cookie cutters, etc. Fill a bucket or large bowl with sand, and wet it. The sand should be wet enough to stick together when you ball it up.

    Before pressing your form into the sand, level it, and compact the sand in the sand container. If the sand is too loose, the wax will seep out of the form quickly and create a thick sand shell.