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  • Any regulations?

    hi again,
    have made a fair few candles, and now my exams are over will be making tonnes more!!!
    I am hoping to hold a few candle parties over the summer, just as a bit of an experiment really, as i love making them would be great to sell them and cover my costs to be able to make more!!!! as i've never done anything like this before, i have no idea what kind of regulations/ legalities there are, if any, to selling candles.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    can't help I'm afraid

    can't help with this one but surely someone will be along soon. I wouldn't have thought there were any regs for this but maybe just have some sort of insurance as we are in a blame culture nowadays. Linda
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      Yes and no.
      Although there aren't any directives for candlemaking (laws), there are candle making safety standards which you should make sure you adhere to. Sounds a bit scary but it isn't really, as they are common sense! I'll list them for you below.

      Also, I would recommend that you get some insurance too. Google craft insurance and you'll find some suppliers.

      European Candle Safety Standards...

      BS EN 15493 has the following requirements:
      • Free standing candles should be stable on a 10° slope
      • There should be no secondary ignition longer than 10s.
      • The flame height shall not exceed 75mm (30mm for tea light)
      • Container candles shall self-extinguish without breaking the container
      • Candles marketed as self-extinguishing shall do so safely
      • Candles shall not emit afterglow for more than 20 seconds
      • Candles shall not re-ignite after being extinguished

      BS EN 15494 is a standard about labelling. It has four mandatory warnings:
      • Never leave a burning candle unattended
      • Burn candle out of the reach of children and pets
      • Always leave at least xx cm between burning candles
      • Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.
      • There are additional safety warnings which should be applied whether they are appropriate to the particular candle.
      Good luck!


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        Hi blondegal

        The candle industry isn't regulated per se. That is it isn't like soaps and bath & body products, YET.

        However, you do need to have warning labels on your products. They're just common sense things really but you know what the say about common sense . I also enclose a little pamphlet with all my orders which explains the dos and don'ts of candle burning and some other bits of info.

        Make sure that all your candles have been thoroughly tested. So many people buy a starter kit and then think they can start selling immediately. Unfortunately they are the ones that give us small independent candle makers a bad name.

        You should also consider getting product liability insurance. As Linda quite rightly states, we live in a blame culture so it is better to be safe than sorry. There are a couple of good ones out there, Ian Wallace, CMTIA

        Can't think of anything else as it's late and my brain is starting to go squiffy - actually, no that's just normal for me ...LOL

        I'm sure Lisa will be here soon with better pearls of wisdom.

        Ruby x
        Ruby xx

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          Hi Blondegal,

          Absolutely agree with everything that has been said - at the moment there are no current legislation governing candle makers - but watch this space!!!

          An absolute must is safety labels, there are no regulations for candles but if you sell something and you don't explain in really plain really simple terms how to use it and they set fire to the house they can sue so really really always use safety labels that is probably the most important thing to remember to cover yourself.

          Like Ruby says test your products to make sure you are selling a quality product - by doing this people see that quality handmade candles are far superior to the mass produced rubbish in the supermarkets and will come back to you time and time again.

          Good luck.



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