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    Hi Lisa,
    do you sell a lot of candles and melts at craft fairs and do you sell a lot from your web site. I think the candles you make are great so I would think you're a very busy person. It's great reading the advice you give to newbies and it's great that everyone is so willing to share what they get up to. I'm a card maker but I am making some melts for a fair later in the month and I'm busy testing the scents to make sure I have put enough in. ( you recently answered a question for me on this subject ).
    I joined the forum about a month ago and have read so much info that has helped so I would like to thank, the mods and everyone who takes the time to be here and offer help. Hope this doesn't sound toooooo creepy crawly but a big thanks to you all. Linda
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    Hi Linda,

    Aw you made me blush there thanks it's nice to know the advice you give is appreciated and thanks for that.

    Right onto the the fairs. I haven't done any fairs this year to be honest as the website has been so busy I haven't had the time to be able to make up stock to take to the fairs or the time to take the days off to attend them.

    Last year the fairs were pretty poor but that wasn't just for me almost every other crafter you will probably find has been down on previous years. Last year was the first year that I actually didn't make my table money at some fairs but again it wasn't because people didn't like/want the candles it was because they had no money to spend at any of the stalls.

    Having said that candles/melts and smellies like soaps are always popular at fairs and if you can do a range from a 50p (like a melt or something) up to more expensive candles (I did sell quite a few big £20 candles too) this way it covers all budgets from the little girl wanting something for her mum to people who have that bit more cash.

    I always try to explain the benefits of buying handmade over mass produced and explain the production process to people and let them know that the candles are scented throughout the candle and not like the mass produced rubbish where they only dip a big dod of white wax into a layer of coloured and scented wax - that's where candle makers get a bad press because if I had a penny for every time someone said to me - I lite the candle but couldn't smell anything after 1/2 hour I would be a very rich person indeed!!

    It's pretty much swings and roundabouts at craft fairs particularly with the economy being the way it is and each fair is different but enjoy yourself at your fair and I hope you sell tons and tons - I used to worry if I had enough stock and what would I do if I ran out - well that ain't ever happened and if I were now to run out of stock I would be clicking my heels all the way to the bank.

    Sorry Linda just read over this and it is a bit like war and peace but I hope it helps some.


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      thank you Lisa again for great reply. I made some melts the other day & used container wax then wondered why they were rubbish at coming out of the moulds, no probs though, melted them down again & made them into t lights. Linda
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