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Hey there, newbie in need of some help!

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  • Hey there, newbie in need of some help!

    Hi there,
    I'm new here, I've recently started making bakery candles and wax melts to sell on my website and I have a couple of questions. I'm using both plain Ecosoya Soy wax & sometimes a mixture of Paraffin and Ecosoy wax.
    1. What dyes are the best to use? I've been using Inpex dye flakes from 4candles and wondered if these are ok for the wax I'm using.
    2. What wicks should I use?
    3. How do I make the wick curl like on most bakery candles?
    4. Is there a website that tells you how much of each colour you need to make the bakery candles eg. gingerbread men, cakes etc...

    Sorry to be a pain hehe with all the questions.



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    hello and welcome to the forum cant help with your question but im sure someone will be along to help you
    Jan xx


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      Hi Mica and welcome to the forum from me too.

      I prefer liquid dyes or reddiglo diamond dye chips myself purely because I find with the flakes your are sometimes left with tiny bits of flake that just wont melt and this ruins the effect of your candle sometimes (particularly if you fail to notice it and are making a lovely big pillar which is left with red dots all over the top - go and ask me about how I know that one!!!).

      There is no easy answer on the wick question I'm afraid - what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The size of wick you are using is dependent upon the diameter of your candle, the wax you are using, any additives you are using and the amount of scent. For soy there are a couple ranges to choose from - off the top of my head you have ECO and CSN wick ranges however I quite like the LX range. If you let me know the diameter of the candles I can give you a rough idea of where to start.

      The wick to curl is easy to answer, make sure you leave about 1" wick at the top, wrap it around a pencil or pen or anything similar, pull the pencil out and vola - a curly wick.

      Will post a link on colouring.


      It is pretty much trial and error I'm afraid but I hope some of this info helps.


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