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hello, need advice on waxes

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  • hello, need advice on waxes

    hello everyone, this is my first post, just joined up
    i have recently started getting into making candles again, got a kit when i was a kid and been using it again lately. have 3 moulds, and made a few pretty candles, am interested in making some container candles, got a few jam jars laying about, but only have blended parafin wax. what is the difference between this and container wax? can i use it still??

    thanks in advance for any advice and nice to meet you all!!!

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    Hi there,

    Is it blended paraffin pillar wax? If it is what this means is that your stearin/vybar will already be added to the blend and all you need to make a pillar candle is to add the colour and fragrance.

    The difference between blended paraffin pillar wax and container wax is the pillar wax is designed to shrink away from the edges to allow for easier removal of the candle. Container wax is designed not to shrink from the edges so wax should stay adhered to the glass.

    I would double check that it is blended paraffin pillar wax you have.

    Hope that helps and if you need anything else just ask.



    Ow and to the forum too

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      hello and welcome to the forum my daughters a candlemaker started with a kit she brought on bootsale now her stuff takes up a 6 shelve cupboard 3 drawers and 2 big storage boxes very adictive but handy for powercuts we supplied all our neighbours with candles on our last powercut and our house was so bright didnt look like we didnt have electric apart from smelling and looking lovely i love to sit in candle light and with the price of electric its just as well
      Jan xx


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        thanks lisa!! makes lots of sense now!!! i do have pillar wax, so will order myself some container wax for me jars

        loads of the candles i've made got burnt at my sister's bbq last week, they do indeed come in handy!!

        is really great to meet you guys


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          Wow, your very good to burn your candles. I only burn the ones that don't work so well. The others I just can't bring myself to burn!!

          As for pillar candl wax, you can use it fine in containers. However, as mentioned above it may shrink away from the sides a little. I guess it depends on how much that would bother you! I don't really care as I don't really make many container candles, so I just use ordinary pillar wax!

          Container wax is softer, can be almost mouldable to the touch, so will not shrink away from the sides. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty certain it has a lower melting point too.
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            well, i largely burn the unsuccessful ones. just got myself tonnes of wax, both pillar and container, really enjoying it, and am thinking about holding a candle party, once i've got enough good looking candles! lol.



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              hello and to the forum, im craftyjans daughter who she is going on about!



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                Hi and welcome,

                Please remember to test burn all your candles to ensure the burn correctly and you have the correct size wick for your wax.FO and Dye mixture. It can take several tests to get it completely right but it is worth it in the as you know your candles are safe, pooling right and that the aroma fills the room.

                But remember Chandling is very very addictive so enjoy your new hobby.