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New candle maker, discolouring in soy wax

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  • New candle maker, discolouring in soy wax

    Hi all, fairly new candle maker here.
    I have made a recent batch of candles. I use tins and this batch has discoloured during the curing process. It is looking orange all around the edges. I do not use colourings, just fragrance oils so I am guessing the discolouration must be from the oil?. I always stir for two minutes. I am wondering could this be due to the temperature I am adding the oil? I am just following the manufacturers instructions. Any ideas?
    Many thanks!

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    Hi, we are a bit short on candle makers at the minute, might I suggest you contact Kev or Peta Partner at “Making your own candles dot co dot uk”. Kev is a member of the forum although not a regular poster but very knowledgeable.



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      Thanks for the signpost Dave, I have just posted anther topic so will head over there. Much appreciated


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        Originally posted by Brenda11
        Hey, I have been making my own [MOD EDIT] for a while and I have the same problem as you. Have you perhaps found a solution to that problem? Thanks in advance.
        Hi, the forum does not allow links to comparison sites as they usually lead to a sales page, also not allowed.

        Forum Admin.