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Clp safety data sheet - mixing fragrance oil blends

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  • Clp safety data sheet - mixing fragrance oil blends

    Hi there! My first post on this site, so hopefully one of the much more knowledgable candle veterans can help me out (apologies if this has been asked before but I did search and couldn't see it)

    If you are mixing fragrance oils (not essential oils) I am aware that you can download a Safety Data Sheet for that particular mixture of chemicals. However, let's say I wanted to mix together a fragrance blend called MIDNIGHT with another fragrance blend called DAYLIGHT (from the same supplier). Could I technically take Section 3 of the Safety Data Sheet of each of the fragrance blends (MIDNIGHT and DAYLIGHT) and create my own new Safety Data Sheet listing all of the chemicals?

    I am UK based if this helps.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello Tom - I just wanted to say welcome to the forum as I am aware we're not the busiest around and I don't think we have any regular posters with in-depth knowledge of candle making technicalities at the moment.
    Unfortunately, I can't offer any technical advice as I'm a needlewoman, but I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of the fragrances if possible, otherwise maybe your local Trading Standards office could help.

    Good luck with your search


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      Hi Tom,

      It's not that easy. indeed a MSDS is a list of chemicals contained in your candle so theoretically you can combine both ingredients list and get the one for your new fragrance. Now first thing the MSDS is not a single list of ingredients, it also MUST contain some specific information that depends on the ingredients you have used AND in which quantity. Not everything is permitted and you must not overpass some threshold of some chemicals (when combining oil that can be the case). Besides, should you reach some threshold in some specific ingredients, you must mention on your MSDS things like "harmful for the environment" etc... Plus some threshold require you also add corresponding pictograms on your candle itself.
      The relevant regulation for scented candle is called CLP. you can find out here the full text :

      And a simplify version of CLP labelling regulation here :

      but to be honest, if you are not a toxicologist you'll find it stiff to comprehend.

      good luck,