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  • Selling wax melts

    Hi everyone,
    I’m new to this and have been making wax melts for myself but I’m thinking about making a little business and start selling them. I’m after some help on where to start I’ve seen that I need to have a clp label but I’m unsure exactly what needs to be included on this and also any other requirements I need to do? Do I need to get insurance as well? So many questions I can’t find answers too!

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I don’t know what info you should put on your label, someone generally stops by that can help, if you don’t get a reply here, your local trading standards office can advise you.
    As far as insurance is concerned, yes, you definitely need public and product liability insurance just to sell one item, its a legal requirement.

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      Hello Jessica and welcome to the forum.

      Unfortunately, I don't know what information is required on labels for the sale of candles etc, but it's quite possible some (or all) of the major materials suppliers will have some information on their web sites. Also, as Dave said your local Trading Standards office is the place to go generally speaking, although things are probably running somewhat differently at the moment.

      Product liability insurance is an absolute must to safeguard against any potential claims - don't forget to factor in the cost against the sale price when you get to that point.

      Good luck with your plans and your makes and sales.



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        Hi Jessica,

        I answers a similar question here :

        A liability insurance is an absolute must, stay on the safe side. If you sell for a business then of course you need CLP labelling (see above link) you'll need as well an MSDS for your finish products. your MSDS content will depend on the wax you used and the chemical you used for the fragrance. for that you need to have the MSDS of the perfume oil you used or the MSDS of every single chemical ingredients in your formula and then combine them into a single MSDS. It's pretty tricky to set up but some people can provide this service for you (at cost).

        good luck