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Upcycling tin cans- please help.

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  • Upcycling tin cans- please help.


    I'm really into upcycling and decoupage.
    I started painting & using decoupage on recycled tin cans and filling with wax.
    I've tested quite a few and the cans hold the wax well and dont get too hot.
    I've had F&F test with no issues.

    I've seen quite a few people selling things like this on various places.
    And I'd like to eventually turn this into a small side business.

    Ive had a few people saying it's not legal to sell candles made in recycled tins cans, I've googled this and cant find any information?

    Please can anybody advise as I dont want to move forward if it's going to cause trouble in the long run.
    I want to do things right...

    I've had a few insurance quotes and they haven't asked what containers im using.

    Please advise if you can help.


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    Not heard of that 🤔...your local trading standards office would know.



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      I'd be more concerned with the flammable glue, paper and paint issue near a naked flame. Have you mentioned this to your insurer?


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        Hi I haven't got insurance as yet just quotes online.. maybe I need to start with giving a few places a call and mention everything.
        I'm also using non flammable paints and non flammable craft glue.
        The paper napkin is between 2 layers of the glue.
        It's hard to know what's ok & what's not. I want to do things right.

        thanks for your reply. X
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          I would definitely mention anything that isn't standard (ie a glass , plain metal or stone etc container). The paper might be an issue and render your insurance void (in the eyes of an insurer who make it a point to negate every claim from the outset), if there should be a claim, and it was discovered your vessel had a flammable material as part of the vessel that was not disclosed. Better to cover every base and be upfront from the outset. A lot of people sell a lot of things they shouldn't but doesn't mean it's OK if you catch my drift!


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            Thankyou, that's really helpful!

            Yes I'd definitely want to know I'm doing everything the right way.