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    Good morning. I am new to candle making and just cannot seem to get my candles to smell strong when burning... I am using C3 soy heating wax to 185f adding fragrance at 165f pouring at 130f 6% fragrance load using the calculation 220grams of wax 13.2g of fragrance oil on a 50cl container . I have used 2 different wicks ... am I doing something wrong? Please help so frustrated x

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    This is the perennial issue for everyone I'm afraid when starting out. I've been perfecting my HT for a year and only now finally happy to start selling. Tbh I don't know why everyone raves about Soy wax. It's generally got a weak HT unless mixed with paraffin or other waxes. At 6% I'd be very doubtful of smelling anything. However, looking at your calculations, I have a feeling you're not calculating your fragrance load correctly. For 220g of wax and 13.2g of fragrance, that would mean your total wax weight should be 234g - so 13.2g is 6% of 234g. Is this what you intended? For a 6% fragrance load of 220g total, that would require 206.8g of wax and 13.2g of fragrance. Your current calculation means for 220g of wax your fragrance load is about 6.4% - which in my trials with soy won't give you much of any kind of throw. Try upping to 8% of 220g total wax weight, ie 16.3g of frag.
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