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  • Help needed!

    Hi There! I am new to this forum and not sure how it works. I am hoping someone can help!
    I measured out my first batch for 2 candles (first one I've ever done) using a coconut and rapeseed pre-made blend.
    I used the formulas to work out the weight in grams needed of oil and wax.
    150ml containers x 2 using the x 0.77 formula to get 115.5 grams of wax per container.
    However... after melting I only had enough for one container?? I am so confused and deflated as I cannot work out what happened!
    First I thought I got the weights wrong but re checked and don't think I have, and then I wondered if I heated to quickly and some evaporated?
    Any help would be soooo appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry that I'm not able to help with your query as I'm not a candle maker, but I hope someone who can advise might be along before long (we are not the busiest forum around, but those of us who post here are very friendly and helpful).



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      thank you! hopefully someone can shed some light, I'll keep trying!


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        Hi, try Kevin Partner at making your own candles dot co. uk, he's also on FB, I think the main site is down due to CV-19 but he’s probably available via social media, he’s a member here, not visited for a good while though.



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          Did you get a solution? How much fragrance total and how much wax total did you use?