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Perfecting wax melts

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  • Perfecting wax melts

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanting to get some advice on whether or not this is normal for wax melts. I have been working so hard to perfect my technique but can not get rid of this happening everytime I pour my melts I have attached a picture hope you can see it basically it looks like the fragrance oil and the wax having some sort of blending / mixing problem I have tried everything I can think of to try reduce it but it always happens so now starting to think its normal? would love someone to enlighten me

    My technique incase it helps:
    kerasoy pillar blend wax heat to 75c, mix fragrance oil in at 8%, stir for 3 minutes, pour at 68c i get 0 frosting with this technique and like I said before I have changed my methods loads of times I used to heat to 85c and put fragrance in at 80c, tried stirring slowly, stirring more vigorously. pouring lower temps, higher temps.

    Would love some help thanks guys