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  • Just a beginner


    I would like to have a go at making my own candles. However i do not want to use any materials that are animal derived, & would also like to use 100% natural materials.

    Is this possible? I have had a look on the net & i see that you can get veg wax, soy wax & palm wax. Could someone point me in the right direction at which i would be better buying.

    Alos can anyone suggest any good books that i could buy?

    Many thanks


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    Hi to the forum. Sorry that I can't offer any advice but there are plenty of experienced candle-makers in the forum so I'm sure somebody will be able to answer your questions.


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      hello and welcome to the forum im sure someone will be able to answer your questions my daughter makes candles but with normal wax so unable to help
      Jan xx


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        Hi Amanda and welcome (I see this is your first post)

        You will find that most wax nowadays are not animal derived. Unlike hundreds of years ago when candles were made from animal tallow.

        Today you can choose from paraffin which originates from a natural source, albeit petroleum. As you previously stated, you can use soy wax, palm wax, bees wax. Other waxes include bayberry (very expensive) and olive oil wax. Personally I use soy wax for my candles.

        When you say you want to use 100% natural materials to what are you referring? Materials, packaging, fragrance, colouring?

        Wicks come in all sizes and materials. Most are made from cotton but you can get them made from hemp. They can be cored (paper, cotton or zinc), or coreless.

        If you want 100% natural fragrances then you need to look at essential oils. These work out more expensive that synthetic oils. They can also prove tricky to work with, many won't "throw" in the wax.

        As for books, I don't know of any. I just bought a kit to begin with and then just practised lots .

        The best advice I can give you really is to experiment. Candle making is all about experimentation and testing until you find a winning combination that you are happy with in terms of quality and safety.

        I hope that helps and I haven't confused or discouraged you as once mastered, candle making is both fun and very rewarding.

        Ruby x
        Ruby xx

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          Hi Ruby

          Many thanks for your help. I think i will probably try palm wax & i did want to use essential oils.

          I will get practicing.

          Many thanks once again



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            Good luck with makin candles. I've never tried palm wax myself but seen some really pretty candles made from it! If you find a good and reasonably priced UK palm wax supplier let me know!!

            A word of warning before you start - candle making is highly addictive and will take over!!!! LOL!!!
            Why do tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!!