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Rapeseed wax problems

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  • Rapeseed wax problems

    Hi there,

    I hope someone might have some advice : ) I'm new to making candles. I had great success with coconut wax.

    I tried some rapeseed wax next and when it hardened it seemed to expand into an almost whipped cream like texture, quite funny, but all completely unusable! I did a bit of research and it seems that it was likely to do with temperature - the rapeseed wax overheated and poured at too hot a temperature, this or too much fragrance (I use essential oils).

    I wanted to ask if anyone knew if this wax will still be salvageable? If I can I'd like to re-melt it, mix it with coconut wax (at least 1 : 1 but perhaps with a bit more coconut) and ensure fragrance level is not too much, then re-set - making sure to pour at a good temperature - 50 degrees max.

    Does anyone know if this will work? Or do I just have to throw away the whipped cream rapeseed wax from my last attempt and start again from scratch back to coconut wax? And can I heat beyond 50 and then cool it down or do I have to keep it consistently as low as poss? I'd love to save the wax if I can, esp as there are beautiful essential oils in there.

    Thanks very much for reading : )


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    Hello Emma and welcome to the Forum.

    Sadly, I am unable to offer any help with your queries re the candle wax as I know nothing about the technicalities. I'm not sure we have any active candle making members at the moment, but there might just be someone lurking who is able to answer your questions. Do feel free to browse through historical threads on various areas of the forum - you never know, there might be some information there that will help you.



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      Thank you Linda, I'll have a good look see if I can find anything. Thanks for your message ☺


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        The candle making supplies store are very good, based in London but have been going for years. May be worth asking them.

        Candlemakers Supplies


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          Thank you Caroline, I'll see if I can contact them : )


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            Pure Rapeseed wax hates to be overheated and needs to be mixed with a slightly higher melt point wax. It also needs a lot of wicking up. I'd add more CW to RS for hot scent throw and bring your frag down to 6-8% max as it tends to sweat out. Add your oils off the heat about 55-60 C, stir well then pour immediately around 50 into warmed glasses. Try adding rapeseed stearic acid at varying levels as well to add firmness.