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what size wick?

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  • what size wick?

    I want to make candles which have been rolled in things such as herbs and flower petals etc, but with the danger of the pieces floating into the melted wax when the candle burns, i want my candles to just burn in the middle, so the outer ede will never melt thus avoiding potential disaster! if my candles are about the width of a sauce jar(eg curry sauce you get from supermarket) and about 10cm high, what size will my wick need to be in order to keep the outer edge from burning? thankyou!!!
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    Have a google for hurricane (forgive the spelling) candles. Thats the style that would best suit what you are trying to achieve. I think although I could be wrong that the way you are trying to do it may not work.

    Hope that helps.
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      What wax are you using? Paraffin or Soy? are they scented and coloured too? All these will affect the way the wick works. It is pretty much trial and error I usually use an LX12 for coloured and scented paraffin for candles of roughly 2 inches - you could try an LX 8 or LX10 but this is only as a really rough starting point you wont really know until you test burn.


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        Yep, wick choosing is all trial and error I'm afraid. I reckon an LX 14 or 16 may be best siz, maybe even an 18. I've never tried hurricane candles, but they look so pretty! Hope it works out ok for you!
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