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  • Charm Bracelets

    Hi everyone.

    I am wanting to make a charm bracelet but a really full one.

    Do I need to put beads and charms on every link and on both sides??

    Mine tend to look a bit weedy. I think part of my problem is that I used the same size and shaped beads.

    Any advice.

    Thanks, Lou
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    Hmm, I think only decorate mainly 1 half of the bracelet as its not really gona be seen on the underside and may increase any 'catches' on clothes.This also keeps price down for you.

    Maybe add a ring to each alternative link, then add charms/beads to those rings.
    So its like a pyramid, one link at the base nearest to the bracelet then add more as it goes outwards.

    Please bare in mind Ive never made a charm bracelet ever.

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      Re: Charm Bracelets

      I would put charms on both sides for a full effect, and only one per link for a scarce effect (done both). I usually also alternate between large and smaller beads, if that makes sense... You can also create longer charms and shorter and again alternate.

      Also a long dangly charm at the clasp will give an extra umph to it!

      Check on ebay for instance to get an idea, some pictures are quite good and you can guess how they did it.

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