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Smelly chickens!!

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  • Smelly chickens!!

    I've just got some of my work back from a gallery I was in but the thing is my work now smells of smoke as they obviously smoke there. I'm a little peed off to be honest but I want to know how to get the smell out of my chickens. I don't want to put them through the washer really and I don't know if febreeze will leave a chemically smell or not. Any advice?? It's not a strong smell but I advertise my work as being smoke and pet free and it's not now!
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    What a pain!

    Can you hang them on the washing line in the breeze?
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      Hi Swirly, the best thing I could suggest is to get them out into the fresh air - why not try some Febreze and put them out in the line to air dry and see if that does it. The Febreze smell would be nicer I suppose than the cigarette smoke.



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        I found on the net that vinegar works as a deodoriser (sp?)

        One one site they recommended the following:

        "put one part vinegar to four parts water in a spray bottle, spray the fabric and then air"

        I guess if you used white vinegar, it would be colourless too?!


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          Oh no!! Could you leave them out in the fresh air for a while? I personally don't like the Frebeze smell, nor cigarette smell. Can you tumble them in a drier do they have a air freshener thingy you could put in. I'm not sure as I don't have a tumble drier - just a thought really.


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            Just another thought Lavender is a natural air freshener, could you put them in a bag with some lavender oil for a few days.


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              Or stuff them with Lavender to make air freshner chicks!!

              Just a thought.



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                Aw that's rubbish, there's not much worse than the smell of stale smoke. Fresh air is the only thing I can suggest really, nothing seems to get rid of the smell once it is in there.

                Febreeze works quite well too as suggested above, febreeze and fresh air is about your best bet I reckon.

                I know you can get candles to burn which get rid of the cigarette smell from rooms but I don't know how that would work for chickens! I think lakeland plastics sell them


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                  I'd have words with the gallery, they have given you you're goods back damaged to all intents and purposes, you are now having to spend extra time (and money possibly) on them to get them back into sale condition. I presume the gallery is a public space (it must be if you sell there) why are they smoking there ?

                  Bit of a rant I'm sorry but if they'd have sent them back damaged as in torn or marked you would tell them what for, a bad smell is no different than that kind of damage. Unless they say they are not liable for any damage in a gallery enviroment.

                  Any ho fresh air and fabreeze hopefully will get rid of the smell.


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                    I hate the smell of air freshners so I dilute my favourite fabric conditioner with water and spray that around, it smells lovely and doesn't damage fabrics. You could try that or a lavender spray, a natural one not a chemical concoction.
                    Thats really bad of them to send you bits back like that. What happened to the no smoking in business premises law?? Sounds as if they are not abiding by it.




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                      Originally posted by two hoots View Post
                      I presume the gallery is a public space (it must be if you sell there) why are they smoking there ?
                      I was thinking this too... but then we have some rooms here at the uni where the air vents for lecture theatres are right by the smoking shelters/car parks and the smoke/pollution wafts in nicely. Some people have felt faint from it before now and have had to cancel lectures. I guess that something similar has happened here. I would definitely be having it out with the gallery.

                      As for removing the smell I have no idea. I hate the smell of cigarettes, so never really come into contact with them to work out what to do.

                      Real life chickens are smelly beasts (but not in a cigarette way) so we don't want yours to smell too!
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                        Is bicarb of soda gonna be any use do you think? That's used as an odour neutraliser. I just searched and found this link, had a quick look but there might be something in there specifically about smoke odours that I havent spotted yet?


                        That is the pits though Swirly, my stepmum smokes and I dont actually notice it so much when I'm there visiting but if I bring any items home where nobody smokes, it seems to be 10 times more noticeable

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                          I think a quick spray with dilute fabric softner and a sit outside in the glorious sun that we've been having for ages up in the North with a bit of a wind they will come out just fine.


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                            I'd be really mad with that gallery! As others said they have surely been breaking the law as there are no such things as smoking rooms anymore in public places or places of work . They should reimburse you as buyers might have allergies to whatever you are going to use on it to get rid of the smell, and they have damaged your property. You didn't give it to them in such a state.......threaten them with the press as others will not want their work damaged is such a way! Also did buyers end up with smokey products and end up disappointed? Maybe you should get some legal advice on this...can any others help out with this?
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                              putthem in a plastic bag and spray Febreze in the bag then seal it up for at least 24 hrs..........Works everytime
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