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    a couple of years ago I saw at a craft fair someone had made shopping bags from strips of plastic carrier bags I meant to go back to look at them but we were at a country fair when the heavens opened so we ran for cover then later went home but I have thought alot about them and would like to make them, can anyone help

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    I know that you can cut them into strips and then knit them into bags.
    They look really great.
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      thank you

      thank you very much, now I think about it you are probably right, but without you saying I would have never remembered


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        I've seen patterns on the web for crocheted versions as well as knitted versions, although I can't give you a web address - I was looking for something else at the time - but a search should bring up something.

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          I'm not sure about recycled plastic bags, which I think is a great idea but if you go to they have a very simple pattern for fabric shopping bags. the idea is that if everyone made a load of these and gave them away less plastic bags would be needed and less damage to the environment....



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            I'm crocheting some at the moment its really easy, to make the yarn
            1 get a carrier bag fold it lengthways about three times
            2 using sharp scissors cut off the bottom and top
            3 you should be left with a long multi folded strip
            4 cut this into 1.5cm strips
            5 when you open them out they look like giant squid rings !
            6 connect to to each other with a larks head knot this involves getting one loop and opening it out, get another loop and thread it half way through, now thread this second loop through its own tail. hold the first loop at its middle, and gently pull the second loop by its middle until it creates the larks head knot.

            i know its difficult to follow the knot bit i'll try and post a drawing to illustrate the knot and how it works. I got the idea from craftstrer but I can't remember who posted it.


            The owls made me do it.


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              You can also heat bond plastic carriers together to make a stronger laminated sheet which you can cut up, stitch into, etc. You just need an iron and some baking parchment (to stop nasty melted lumps of plastic on the sole of your iron!!).

              The thin nappy sacks are great - like working with sheer fabrics. You can layer them to get really pretty colour changes, etc.

              Oooh I'm going off on one..... Now where is my iron?
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                Going to try that ethel and edna, i've posted instructions on my blog on how to make the yarn. Tried to post a link so you could look at it on my photo bucket and computer says no ! if i'm being naughty by telling you to look at my blog I'm sorry.

                The name of the poster on craftster was bella-domanie there was also a photo tut too
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                The owls made me do it.