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  • Gold foiling advice

    Hello all,
    I’m wondering if anyone can offer advice on DIY gold foiling for my wedding invites.
    I have the Minc rose gold foil bought from Hobby Craft and a cheap laminator (eBay).

    I practiced printing my invites on standard A4 printer paper. The foil reacts really well to the correct areas when I put this through the laminator.

    I then tried printing onto card. The foil does not react at all to any areas. I don’t know if it has something to do with the card being thicker?

    Has anybody else had this problem before? I also find it does not work at all on brown kraft card.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Jess x

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    Perhaps your card is more porous than the paper so the toner absorbs into the card surface? I found paper specifically for laser printing the best. I no longer have access to a laser printer / photocopier now.
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      Hi, Carol, long time, no see....good point about laser print paper...
      Back in the day when I made 3d decoupage designs, I used to print public domain designs but then needed to varnish them using a special varnish. Printer paper especially would suck in the varnish, no matter how many coats, it wouldn’t sit on top of the paper. I must have tried ten different sorts of paper as white paper for decoupage costs a fortune per sheet, all sucked it into the paper. My last resort was to grab a sheet of laser print paperfrom a damaged pack in Staples, from one of their The varnish sat on top of the paper. I think laser print paper is your answer. Easiest thing is pop into Cartridge world or similar and just ask for a sheet or two to try. I bought a large pack as the £5 for ten sheets of decoupage paper was actually 7p a sheet laser print paper!