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  • Decorated Egg?

    Hi all

    I've recently seen some cards made using decorated goose eggs (or similar) and would love to try out this design on my own cards, especially my keepsake range. The problem being that I've no idea where these decorated half eggs are available to buy. Can anyone help?

    LJ xxx

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    Would it be possible for you to use a goose egg and then decorate it yourself? I don't know about ones predecorated that you can use... You might have to get a special saw though to make the cutting it in half easier and neater.
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      It's certainly something worth looking into although I've never done any kind of painting so doing this would definitely be a challenge... thanks for the suggestion though, I'll definitely see what information about this I can find


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        I have no idea where you'd get pre-decorated ones, but I'm sure you could easily decorate them yourself.

        All you need to cut the goose egg in half (you'd obviously need to get hold of some blown goose eggs) is a junior hacksaw blade, and a rubber band to mark the center of the egg for a cutting guide.

        And you wouldn't nessicarily need to paint the egg yourself (well other than a solid background colour). You could apply waterslide transfers, which are the most popular way of decorating anyway, or decoupage or paper toile, or even peel-off stickers applied to the shell can look very effective either painted within the design, or filled with glitter or accent beads or similar. The possibilities are endless! lol! Just have a play about with some, I'm sure you'll come up with something stunning!

        Oh, and have you had a look at They have loads of egg craft stuff on their website, so it might help give you some ideas.


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          Hi Finta, thanks for your reply... it's very helpful as hubby has suggested making these myself rather than buying from someone else as at least then I would get the exact result that I wanted

          I have managed to find one website selling the predecorated eggs and have just received my first order which I am very happy with in both quality, correspondence and pricing.

          At the moment I'm not rushing into buying the things to make them myself until I see how successful this range is but it's definitely worth considering as it would be another string to my bow so to speak and it's also something fairly unsual


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            decorated eggs


            Just read your threads regarding the half decorated eggs for cards. can you let me know the web site where you bought them from. I hope to make my own one day, but like you I do n ot want to buy all the tools needed until I know I can make them.


            crafty angel


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              Hi Crafty Angel

              The website I use is and to my knowledge this is the only supplier in the UK - I've trawled the internet for days and found nobody else.

              Ann's products are fantastic, prices are reasonable and service/communication cannot be faulted.

              Good luck with your crafting and I hope you find the website useful

              Laura xx