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Ideas needed for engagement proposal!

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  • Ideas needed for engagement proposal!

    Hi all,
    Sorry I'm new here, so apologies if this is in the wrong location!
    So... I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend next month, and I'm planning to do it via a collection of past photos, ticket stubs (etc); from our first date all the way to now (where there will be a card & a puzzle at the end leading to the question) Quite long winded proposal I know!
    Besides that, my challenge is how to present it or put it together. Essentially, at the moment, all the items are on a piece of string (each has a little hole in them with a few beads separating them), ... but in that form it would difficult for her to look through everything. The only thing that came to my head was finding something which could be fashioned into a form of carousel (but I have no idea how/whether this could be done / found) . However, I would be very open to anyother ideas from much more talented creative people like yourselves!
    Do let me know if I can share more info... really appreciate any ideas you can share!!
    Thank you very much.


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    What about an old fashioned Rolodex? You could put things in it and it could be flicked through and things could be remove easily and looked at in depth.


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      How about a journal these are really in atm and fun to do. The one I made is on my website and a video on You Tube.


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        Thank you both, really appreciate it.

        My gf already has a journal of similar things so probably will avoid that. I've never heard of rolodex but I like the idea of that! Just not sure how I would go about it... Need to may be explore Pininterest. I see a fir few people making 'scrapodexes'!


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          Yes, that is what I was thinking of but I didn't realize it was already a thing! but there you go, cant have been such a dumb idea after all
          Here are some on Pintrest


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            Rolodex's were the in thing back in the 60's onwards, mainly started in the US. We did get a few over here and may be worth checking ebay for some.


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              You can still buy them new here


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                Firstly I would like to congratulate you that you found this one and only one girl!
                I think that there are many ways to surprise her! You know her best so for sure you will work out something!
                Above ideas are amazing, but if you really want to surprise your girl then listen! Take a big box and put there a baloon with helium gas. On baloon's lace stick photos and tickets but remember to glue baloon at the botom of the box! You don't want it to fly away! For sure she will be surprised seeing this! You can put into this box a ring. She won't expect this!