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  • Needle felting pointers

    Can any of you experienced needle felters out there (cloud-hopping are you there?) give me some advice please? Is there a cheap and quick 'thing' you can buy to use as a pad?

    Can't wait for post to get one delivered. No shops locally sell felting supplies. Have been using a really cheap sponge from Wilko's but it's starting to disintegrate!!

    I've become slightly obsessed with my new-found love. More pix will go on Flickr shortly.[email protected]/

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    You need Sarah from blooming felt - I'm sure she'll have some top felting tips
    Come out BF
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      I sympathise with your frustration! When I had a go at needle felting for the first time I got so carried away that I wore out my first punching pad in no time! I also broke the needle and jabbed myself several times because I hadn't quite got my technique right! I couldn't wait for the postman to bring new supplies!

      In answer to your question, I have to say that I've never used anything other than a purpose bought punching pad. Having said that though, if you are really desparate and can't wait for the postman then perhaps some foam that you buy for seat pads etc (the dense blue or green stuff) would be suitable if you could find somewhere that sells it.

      Hope that helps. Enjoy your felting, it's addictive!
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        Thanks Nat. Will just have to hit the Paypal account!!! I'm addicted.

        So far I've made my bunny and my pea(!) plus a carrot, a ladybird, a duck with HUGE feet and a spider. Started on a mermaid with bits of Angelina in the tail to make it sparkly but haven't got any flesh colour so need to get some more wool too! I feel a big splurge coming - and it's Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC this week!! I need a lottery win!! lol[email protected]/


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          Sorry !! I've only just seen this thread

          Anyway (and it's probably too late now), but I would say for a quick fix alternative to a proper felting sponge, to buy a high density foam pad from somewhere like an upholsterer. Some local markets have people that sell these sort of foam pads as cushions (well, ours does).

          Hope that helps !

          BTW - why didn't you get your felting sponge and supplies from me
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            Hi Sarah
            Just beat you to it! I found a stash of upholstery foam off-cuts at work today and it's works fine. Have also got very good supply of wool tops. Every textiles group at work gets taught feltmaking (though not very well-ooh did I say that? ) so there is always plenty on hand.

            Will have to contact you via your website about buying supplies. Need prices for needles in bigger quantities as I seem to be going through them so fast - not breaking but just not working so well. Do they get blunt or am I just doing something wrong?
  [email protected]/


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              Yes, they do get blunt and will quite often snap too !!

              Glad you found some offcuts - they're soooooo much cheaper (sshhhh - did I really say that ?!)

              PM me about buying needles when you're ready.
              For 100% wool felt supplies, felt balls, buttons, ribbon, needle felting supplies and lots of other lovely stuff, visit BLOOMING FELT

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                I've used cheap bath sponges from Poundland before now. They work pretty well, and I chuck them in the washing machine after use and they are good to use again!