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Tshirt printing nightmare!!!!!

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  • Tshirt printing nightmare!!!!!

    Hi Everyone

    Not sure if you can help but im having a nightmare,ive designedsome prints to transfer on2 tshirts etc & i am havinga complete nightmare!! :roll:

    I have done a couple of testersand have popped them in2the washing machine to see how they go but unfortunatley they haveboth come out of the wash crackedand splitting (the transfer)

    I am using the iron on transfer paper &have followedthe oinstructionsto a T , can anyone advice what i could be doing wrong its soo frustrating, please help

    Anyone??? :?

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    oo hard one - i've never done it myself! maybe there is some sort of spray on fixer that you can use? failing that maybe iron wasnt hot enough or too hot? maybe someone else will have a better idea
    Sally x


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      Sadly i cant help either.I bought a iron on picture tshirt from ebay a while back, wore it once, washed it, half the picture came off!!

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        T-Shirt Designs

        Hi, transfers are quite bad for coming off in the wash. Have you thought about transfer paint/dyes? You could still design outline patterns on computer, fill areas with dye as though painting then iron onto t-shirt. You can get some really nice results. Dyes can be bought in small art stores and colours mixed to suit.


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          I have done several with no problems perhaps you using too hot a wash or not keeping the iron on long enough to et the transfer
          Mike (Jo\'s little helper)


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            You could also go over your design with some fabric modpodge,after you have ironed your transfer on.
            It usually works well and will wash ok at low temperatures
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              are you using an iorn or a heat press?


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                That's what transfers do, as far as I can tell... sigh!

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                  i have been using a heat press with iron on transfers with no problems . i have test shirt that i put in the washing every 3 or 4 days depends what the wife is washing lol . and so far it stil looks good after about 10 washes


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                    I am def. not 'up' on this subject but I wondered if the fabric mixture would make any difference. I only ask because I was going to have a go for a special occasion coming up.
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                      The fabric makes a difference - cotton and cotton blends work best, as do fabrics with a tight weave. Problems could be related to the type of fabric, the paper you're printing on or the temperature you're pressing at so you may need to do a bit of testing.


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                        I agree, the fabric is important as is the temp of the iron, also washing inside out by hand works well if only a t shirt, The Ebay transfers are a nightmare anyway - I would defo try the fabric painting idea